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 I need some help please

About 4-5 months ago i took in two male bearded dragons after my friend couldnt look after them anymore and one of them was always looking like he was trying to mount the other and the person i got them off said it was just because the one of them was sexually maturing but he was 100% sure they was both male which i believed as he worked in a reptile shop. But about a month and a half ago we got another male and home them all in the same viv because they all got on together. In the last week i noticed the one that was being mounted has got rather fat and ive been doing research and im kinda think that he has turned out to be a she and im not sure what to do now. I have just separated him/her into its own viv. If anyone could help with any info it would be much grateful. Theres been a big of runny poo in the viv they was all in so i dunno if he has a bit of back log or something because he has been eating quite a lot ive run my finger under the belly but cant really feel anything but can if that makes sense.

07/19/12  07:37pm


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 I need some help please

It’s really good that you separated the "mounted one". If it’s a female and she’s been fertilized, she’ll eat like a horse for a week or so, then appear to loose her apatite for 2 - 3 days. Keep her hydrated and well fed and she should be fine.

You might not be able to feel her eggs until a day or so before she’s ready to lay, then it will feel as if she’s got marbles in her tummy. When she starts digging in her habitat, you’ll need to provide her with a digging box. I use reptile sand and coconut husks, mixed with warm water, in a large plastic tub. My girl will dig sometimes for hours before laying. If she hasn’t laid by nightfall, I put her back in her habitat for the night and then back in her digging box in the morning.

Once she’s laid the eggs, let her fully cover them over. She’ll probably head-butt the sand as she piles it on top of the eggs. When she’s done, give her a nice long bath. She’ll be thirsty and hungry for several days so will need to be watched carefully. If she’s young, don’t let her mate again until she’s about 2-3 years old. Bear in mind, she can hold sperm for up to a year, so even though you’ve seperated her, she will probably lay another clutch, or more...

There are several websites that you should visit if you plan on incubating the eggs. I absolutely love my little guys! And, they are expensive to maintain. Most people just give them to reputable pet shops. I raise mine to about 6 weeks then sell them to a very nice reptile store near me.

Good luck! Hope all goes well with him/her. :]

07/20/12  01:02am

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