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 How do my eggs look?

My female bearded dragon laid her clutch exactly 53 days ago. I was wondering if they look normal. This is my first time breeding.

Here is a picture of 9 out of 17 eggs.

Here is a picture of one of the eggs being candle lighted.

05/18/12  12:22am


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  Message To: Bri&cam   In reference to Message Id: 2266733

 How do my eggs look?

i dont know

05/22/12  01:28pm


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  Message To: Nick(uromastyxman)   In reference to Message Id: 2267258

 How do my eggs look?

I think they look great!!!!!!!!!! They are getting very round and swollen looking which is exactly what you want! Do they glow bright red when you candle them? By that point they should look red but also very "full" :) A day or two before they hatch (usually around 60 days) they will appear to "sweat", and then go a little sunken but don’t worry, right around that time you should soon see little heads poke out. The egg tooth will slit the egg and deflate it, followed by the head and it may sit like that for several hours. My clucthes usually all hatch together within 2 days of each other. Good luck!!! :D

06/08/12  08:09pm

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