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 Breeding my dragons

So my firetiger female is pregnant and I want to hatch them never did this before some help/advice from any1 will help me.get some nice dragons thanx everyone.

02/25/12  01:53pm


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 Breeding my dragons

Hopefully you’ve researched some about this? Hatching is a very hard thing to do in a lot of cases. For the eggs you’ll need an incubator with an adjustable switch. Keep the eggs in the lower 80’s and use vermiculite or pearlite and keep it moist. Do not get the eggs wet, it will kill them. Put the eggs in plastic containers with holes in the lid. Please do some research there’s many more steps and many things that can go wrong. Be sure to post pics.(;


02/25/12  09:18pm


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  Message To: AnoleQueeeeen   In reference to Message Id: 2256860

 Breeding my dragons

Set up your incubator WELL in advanced, temps can vary greatly. Is this your first time breeding reptiles? If so you may want to start with something easier but still rewarding like leopard geckos. How old is your female? She should be at least 1.5yrs in age before you breed her. Is your female gravid yet? Have you made sure she has had plenty of calcium and exposure to UV? Do you know how to set up a lay box for her to nest in so she won’t become egg bound? You should know how long their gestation period is, how to tell when she is ready to lay, and how long until she will be ready for the next clutch. All very very important to know well in advanced.

I’ve bred dragons for years now and there is a lot of work that needs to go into it, they lay a LOT of eggs, usually 2 or more clucthes per year and the hatchlings cost me a fortune in baby crickets so make sure you know what your getting into. I have to order 1/4" crickets a few thousand at a time once a dragon clutch hates so be prepared for the expense. Plus of course you’ll need an entire extra set up for the hatchlings, an extra 20gal tank tank big enough to hold a hatched clutch with UV and proper heat .. you should also have a few extra tanks ready to use because chances of getting a sick or weak hatchling are pretty high and it will need to be kept by itself. Each clutch will also need its own 20gal tank, once the 2nd clucth hatches the first clutch will be too big to put the 2nd ones in with. A 10gal tank is too small, they’ll over heat and be over crowded. Then if you get 3rd or 4th clucthes that of course needs even more tanks and lights.

I have spent a LOT of money on my dragon morphs and breeding them can be very rewarding, just make sure you research it well in advance and don’t do it for the money or you’ll be greatly dissappointed no matter what rare morphs you breed. I’d also recommend this forum You can never have access to too much info and people to ask for help!

03/30/12  09:24pm

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