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Desertdwlr5   Dragon Lover  

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 35 days in a bit nervous...

Hi everyone,
I’ve been around here for years just never post anymore, has to create new name too. But I’m in the forum on fb.
Anyways, my female laid 20 on Dec 9th. I kept 8 bc its my first time. Don’t want to be overwhelmed. I’m using hatch-rite. The humidity gauge is reading 70% but I put my finger in substrate and its dry. 6 are very plump and look good. From first week I had one or 2 that looked to be caving in. I put water on bottom opened my container. I noticed the eggs were caving in more so I put lid back on. Been ok since then but the 2 are still dented. I just want to know what the substrate is supposed to feel like a month into it. What else can I do to ensure healthy growing?
Temps stay at 84-86.
I have added a bit of water every week or so to sides as I know not to squirt the eggs themselves.
Any help appreciated.

01/16/12  11:16am


Dragon Lover
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 35 days in a bit nervous...

Hi Lauren,

Try and keep the temps as close to 83 as possible. Place a cup of water in the middle of the incubator and see if that helps with keeping the substrate moist. I have never worked with hatch rite, so am not sure what to tell you there. I have worked with vermiculite and it works great. What I do is soak the vermiculite in warm water for about 20 minutes before putting it in the deli cups; squeeze all the water so the vermiculite is moist but not dripping. I check the cups twice a week by making sure that there is about a half an inch of moisture above the vermiculite on all sides of the cup. If there isn’t, then I put a few drops of water on the substrate, never on the eggs. A cup of water in the middle of the incubator works wonders though.

Keep incubating even if denting....even the worst looking egg can surprise you.

Hope this helps.


01/18/12  03:38am

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