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 New member with breeding question

I have a beardie that i think is about 2 years old, and i have had him for about a year now, i have him in a 2’ by 2’ cage and i take him out often. i am now iterested in breeding him, and i dont know if this cage is enough for two beardies. please leave any information you know about breeding them. Thanks ahead of time for the help!

11/21/11  01:15pm


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  Message To: Mr.Bigglesworth   In reference to Message Id: 2244929

 New member with breeding question

try a 3x2 its more roomier for 2

11/25/11  10:05pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: HerrL1116   In reference to Message Id: 2245297

 New member with breeding question


Welcome to the RZ.

The cage is a great size for him, but I would not add another. Breeders will add the female to the male’s cage for two weeks tops and then place the female back in her own enclosure. If you leave her he will try and breed with her constantly, not only will this stress her, but it could make her ill. She may have problems laying and she could stop eating. I have tried housing two dragons before and it never always ends up the dominant, in which case, the other will not eat and will be stressed all the time. Remember, they do store sperm and she could lay once a month for up to a year from one breeding. This is very stressful for her. Do you really want to do that to her?

My suggestion would be give the female her own enclosure or get someone that has a female and breed both.


11/27/11  01:56am

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