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 Hatchling info

When can you first offer food to a hatchling bearded dragon?

10/08/11  09:02pm


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  Message To: Reptilerancher757   In reference to Message Id: 2239716

 Hatchling info

Given the date on this post I assume you’ve already figured it out but as it has over 40 views and no response I figured I’d put one for someone to maybe reference in the future.

You can offer food anytime, some offer it right away but you’ll likely find that it will be a day or two, maybe even 3, before they’ll eat it as their tiny tummy is still full of the egg yolk. They very quickly learn to "stalk" (hilarious to watch) and snap up 1/4 crickets. Atthat agethey grow fast and require mostly protein (do NOT feed meal worms) but be sure to still always offer some leafy greens as they require the calcium and moisture in the salad and will chomp on it quite a bit.

04/01/12  09:54am

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