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 Sick Bearded?

Zion is about 8 years old, female. Last week we lost power for 6 days due to the hurricane and I was not able to do anything for my dragons or my gecko, however in anticipation of losing power I had not feed them for 2 days prior so that there would be no digestive issues with food sitting and rotting in their bellies. It was warm enough with no A/C.
Anyway tonight I noticed that she was laying on her side between the side of the tank and her water dish (it is large enough for her to lay in), this was very strange as she has NEVER done this before. I picked her up and she was very limp. It seemed as if all of her limbs just hung. I noticed that the fat pads on her head were essentially gone. I moved her to a different spot in the tank and when I put her down she did not put her front limbs out to walk off my hand like normal, I had to lay her down. She did not move at all. I put crickets in her tank and she only ate the ones that came to her. She normally would be running around to get the crickets like crazy.
My male whose age is unknown, who was rescued as an adult when Zion was approx 2 years old is fine eating and moving around with no issues and my leopard gecko is fine too. I am wondering if this might just be impaction? I plan on bathing her tomorrow, and seeing if I can get her to go, I can’t recall her going lately. Or if she may be reaching the end of her life span and I should prepare myself for the worst.....

This is not a photo from tonight....

09/10/11  12:54am


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 Sick Bearded?

There are several things that could be wrong. I wont name all of them cause i don’t want to scare you. You can either call the vet or take matters into your own hands. Whenever mine beardies get sick this is where I start. She needs to be hand fed and she could be dehydrated. Take her and soak her in a small tub or sink with a few inches of luke warm water. If a dragon is dehydrated, typically when you soak them, they should perk up. Sometimes when a dragons are very sick they wont even try to keep their head above the water. Watch and make sure this is not happening. Next, you need to either buy or make liquid food to feed her. Some people go to petsmart and in the reptile section there should be a first aid liquid meal for sick reptiles. Its a powder you mix with water and it comes with a syringe to feed. It cost about $13. If that is not available to you you can make it using baby food and pedialite mixed. If you want to do that, let me know, and I will give the details. When you hand feed don’t force it down their throat. Just squirt a lil in their mouth and they should swallow themselves. If she refuses to take any food. Then something serious is wrong. Otherwise, this could be all you need. But there is a possibility its not. If something else is wrong. This should let you know what state she is in and should keep her going until you figure out if anything else is wrong. Let me know what happens and I will help you anyway I can.

09/14/11  10:14am

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