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 Egg sack trouble

Three days ago a bearded dragon egg hatched and the baby had a large egg sack still attached. I have left him in the incubator on damp paper towel since then but he has not absorbed the egg sack. This morning i realized it was leaving bloody marks on the paper towel and turning black.
is there anything else I can do to help this baby?

07/19/11  12:05pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: Max90   In reference to Message Id: 2229713

 Egg sack trouble

Hi Max,

Not really much you can do but let him be and see what happens. Put him in a tank by himself. No furniture so the sac doesn’t get caught on anything, but do offer food and water. See if he will eat. He needs that UVB as well.

If the sac is turning black, it may just be getting ready to fall off. Is there an opening still on his belly?


07/20/11  01:17am


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  Message To: Dragon Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2229811

 Egg sack trouble

I have had this occur and the best thing for you to do is freeze this little one. There is no reason to put the little one through it. He will probably have some deficits if he survives...its up to you. In my experience they are neurologically deprived, and are failure to thrive draglings....Take care Beth

07/31/11  11:12pm

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