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 First Clutch ~ One Hatchling Deformed Leg and White Powdery Coloring

Hello All,

This is my first time posting. After much research our family became the happy owners of both a male and female adult bearded dragons in December (both rescues, one from a pet store and one from an owner who didn’t have enough time for her).

Emma is our queen and her king is Galileo (my sons choices). Emma’s first clutch just hatched. She laid 15 eggs, 4 did not make it 10 hatched and we have one that is pending? Still unhatched but doesn’t look bad.

Our second to last hatch-ling took about 5 days longer than her mates to hatch out and there are a few problems. She (I us the female term here but have no idea yet is she’s male or female) came out with her front left leg twisted behind her and she tries to use it. The foot portion turns up and her color from her tail up is powdery white, her tail is normal in color. My husband seems to think the the umbilicus was wrapped around her body because it looks as if there was a band on her at the point where her coloring changes.

I really want her to make it, any ideas on helping with the leg and the strange color? She seems to be eating ok, a little slower than the rest of the hatch-lings but I make sure she gets her share.

Any and all ideas and thoughts would be great. Technically our beardies are my 10 year old sons (who takes awesome care of them btw) but they are family pets that we all take care of and love!

06/26/11  12:29pm


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  Message To: Kpelch   In reference to Message Id: 2226693

 First Clutch ~ One Hatchling Deformed Leg and White Powdery Coloring

Once again here, this is up to you. If you have the time that will be involved caring for this little one then so be it. If you think he/she is not be it....but this is another case for "freezing" in my opinion. Its up to you to wait it out but then there will be no turning back if this dragon grows up sickly due to this handicap. Lots of one on one care and probably being housed alone will be the best bet for being sure he is not attempting to keep up with the gang due to the point of frustration/exhaustion. Tough here...big hearts can be broken, and on the flip side you have a dragling that may suffer and may not have the health benefits/stamina/immunity of other dragons.
Take care Beth

07/31/11  11:19pm


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  Message To: BeardiePal   In reference to Message Id: 2231239

 First Clutch ~ One Hatchling Deformed Leg and White Powdery Coloring

I would just keep an eye on it and make sure its eating. I have seen dragons with no feet and even no legs at all. That have lived long lives. I have had a dragons tail wrap around its leg and it came out with a curly pig tail. Just see what happens. Nature will let you know if the baby can survive or not.

09/14/11  10:38am

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