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 Beardie food

what can beardies eat? I wanted to know if they can eat pellets. do they have to have insects or what? do they have special vitamins, water, or plants? roaches, crickets and meal worms, too? I guess what i’m asking is what do they eat, not anything else, but what do they eat?

feel free to contact me

04/25/11  08:23pm


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  Message To: Snakenator   In reference to Message Id: 2215956

 Beardie food

Beardies normally eat anything they can over come (insects/bugs in general) try feeding him/her lettuce, meal worms, you can do potato bug/rolly pollies, etc. i am not sure if there are fireflies in California... i don’t think there is... but fireflies are forbidden for all animals, i am very cautious of those.

05/01/11  10:01pm


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  Message To: Seabee1998   In reference to Message Id: 2216835

 Beardie food Check out that site it will give you all the do’s and donts.
Beware lettuce is not such a great thing to feed them, its mostly water with little to none nutrition, which can give them the runs. And meal worms have little nutrition & lots of exoskeleton not so good. Try super worms, turnip greens, mustard green, or squash. And yes firefly’s are forbidden.

05/09/11  07:42pm


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  Message To: Voguestar   In reference to Message Id: 2218230

 Beardie food

Really, they’ll pretty much eat any insect or bug. But super worms really are what bearded dragons eat a lot.

06/03/11  09:30pm


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  Message To: Galanoth   In reference to Message Id: 2222512

 Beardie food

No, superworms make a good treat. The chitin witch is the shell of the worm is very hard for them to digest. So, when fed only super worms sometimes they will throw up the chitin from the worms. Crickets make a good form of food if gut loaded properly. The healthiest insects available in the pet trade are silkworms, horn worms, and a few kinds of roaches. I use Dubai roaches. The dragons love them. The best are silkworms the have an enzyme that helps them absorb calcium.

09/14/11  11:34am

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