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hi there, i was woundering if anyone can help me please,
i am a first time breader, as when i brought my lovely bearded dragons i brought them as pets,
i have 6 in total, i have 2 girls and 1 boy in one tank (taz,lola,charlie) and the same in the other, (crash,porley,lala)
lola and charlie have laid there first batch and they all were yellow.
lola laid her second batch on 20-03-11, she laid 17 eggs, they are all really white except 3. they are in an incibator, which i put them in straight away, and seem to be doing well, i just dont no what to do now?????????
charlie has laid her second batch on 25-03-11, she laid 21, only 8 off them are white, 2 off them look perfect, but the other 6 white ones have little dents in them, are they ok??????
how often do they mate?????
thank you

03/28/11  04:37am


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Iam not sure what you question is, but I do hope you are keeping all of you dragons in separate cages.
*One lovely dragon + One cage = Goodness*
Multiple lovely dragons + One cage = Badness
No exceptions..... If you do not agree with this or think it is wrong, than do some research.
White dry yet plump eggs are good, Denting in the eggs could be from a number of things. It can be a sign of dryness. Eggs will incubate any where from 60 - 80 days, depending on temp.
Being that your asking this I assume you have never breed or had eggs before Well just do some research! No one can raise you dragons for you.You can never have enough knowledge, especially when you put a living beings life in your hands! I also hope you have enough cages for you soon to be- hungry babies, not to mention future homes for them....

03/29/11  09:34pm

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