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 Viable Information Sources

Hello all,

I am new to the Bearded Dragon Community. Growing up I have always had an interest in Reptiles and spent a lot of time reading books and researching these animals. However, in my adult life I have kind of put it to the side.

My son has actually sparked my interest again. Buying him his first Bearded Dragon, or any reptile for that matter, forced me to begin researching these fascinating creatures to ensure proper care.

Now I am officially intrigued. LOL

I had no idea how interesting this animal was.

I find myself wanting to increase our hobby to breeding. However, I do not want to go into it lightly and I would like to be well informed in order to be successful.

As well as to explore the possibility of producing some really cool Morphs.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some credible resources vs. searching the internet and not knowing how reliable the sources are?


03/07/11  01:25pm


Dragon Lover
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 Viable Information Sources



They are Amazing creatures!!!!

I would suggest reading this first.....then if you have any questions we can probably help you out.

One thing that I would like to point out is that bearded dragons store from just one mating your female can give you a clutch of eggs once a month for up to a year.

breeding beardies101

Hope this helps out some....


03/10/11  01:35am


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 Viable Information Sources

03/29/11  09:38pm

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