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 Hard to convince.

Ive got a male beardy who is about 5 years old now and a female who is about 3. And i swear the male prances around like hes putting the moves on her and she just sits there like shes ready to take it, then my male walks away uninterested. EVERY TIME! But i know he wants her, hes just playing hard to get. Anyone have any ideas on how to pursuade these two secret lovers to do the deed. Ive bred beardies before so im no newb, however the others just clicked. These two.... not so much.

03/03/11  03:30am


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  Message To: Razzeldazzel   In reference to Message Id: 2207867

 Hard to convince.

Do you usually put the male and female together for just a short time, or do you have them live together for a while? None of my dragons will ever breed in front of me, so I just have them live together for a week and they always breed when I’m not around. Be sure to separate them again after the week is over though. Having them together longer can cause a lot of stress on the female. There’s no immediate way to tell whether the female is gravid when they breed in secrecy, so it’s kind of a pain, but eventually it will become obvious when her belly gets huge.

03/12/11  09:13pm

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