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 MBD Dragon

Hello everyone. I just wanted to get son opinions today. A few weeks ago I got a dragon from someone who wanted to know what was wrong with it. She said that it was almost a year old yet is about the size of one that is several months old. Has a hump over its pelvis, not much movement in hind limbs, and front limbs were floppy. She said the was worried because he wasn’t eating. I discussed with her what mbd was and she broke down saying that she has the right heating and lighting. I never saw the habitat but..... Anyhow, she didn’t want to see him die and so gave him to me. I gave him small amounts of slurry several times a day and hand dead crickets. He now has more energy and is now eating on his own

So that is his story/back ground. My question: have any of you had a dragon recover to the point of better mobility after having gone through all of this? He is gaining weight and pooping regularly now. He can get around his cage but I have to disable the crickets so he can catch them

Thank you

10/08/17  10:45am


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 MBD Dragon

I’ve got an MBD beardie who is currently in recovery and was a bit worse than this.
He probably will never walk right, but he will get better, just not completely. You can DM me with any questions about MBD or dragons in general.

11/07/17  03:50pm

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