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 Beardie with septic arthritis

My 7 month old (approximate) beardie started acting strange about 3 weeks ago. Lethargic and not readily eating, but still eating. He wasn’t climbing up on his branch, staying on the bottom. I thought she was getting ready to shed. She always gets weird when she sheds. After a week I made an appointment for her first vet visit which was the following week. She gave her an anti-inflammatory. I decided to look for another vet because she didn’t ask a lot of crucial questions as I would expect a good reptile vet would ask. I then took her to a very reptile vet that my dog’s vet recommended. She did x-rays, full exam, asked to test her UV bulb, did bloodwork, and stool sample. After literally an all day affair she diagnosed her (thought she was a he before I took her in) Jerome was diagnosed. I forgot to mention she had one swollen back leg and ankle that I didn’t notice until I was getting ready to take her to the first appointment. I thought maybe she somehow sprained or injured her ankle.
She has a 40 gallon teranium with reptile carpet. A tree branch (fake one that you get at the pet store, a cave on the cool side, water bowl with the steps to get in and out, a basking light, and a UV light. I was using the dome UV light that came with the set up, but now switched to the reptisun 10.0 tube.
She eats mostly crickets. I dust them with calcium/D3 about 3x a week. She eats about 6-8 in the am and again in the pm. She eats collard greens, yellow squash, bell pepper. I also dust the veggies. Is that to much calcium/D3?
I have to say, I was not good about his UV light for most of his life. The dome UV light is all he had and I didn’t put it on every day. I always turned on the basking light but UV maybe 3x a week. A beardie owner at work told me that’s all she needed and if I burn both every day it would be expensive and us up the UV in my bulb. She has 4 beardies so I figured she would know.
I also give her super worms when she wont eat anything else. She can’t resist.
The basking area stays about 100-110. The cool side 80-85.
She is being treated with 3 oral medications and one injection.i know one is an antibiotic, one pain med, and something to help her kidney.
Thoughts anyone? This is my first beardie. I read and research a lot. I thought I had it all down pat, but apparently something isn’t right. My vet said some dragons are just prone to arthritis. If it was caught sooner it would not have escalated this badly, but prior to 3 weeks ago her behavior was great. Energy was fine, eating good, pooping every day, etc. I can’t think of anything that I did differently. Her weight is good. I think she said 344g and she’s 16".
The vet said her prognosis is poor to fair. She said because Jerome looks otherwise healthy and spunkier then she would expect, she’s going to treat her. Otherwise she would have recommended euthanasia.

04/02/17  03:44am

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