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 My Bob

I posted in another forum but wanted to hit them all. I have a bearded dragon named Bob. I had to have his tail amputated yesterday. I had the procedure done professsionally by a vet. I dont know what to look for. I have so many questions and the vet was so vague and personally very rough with him in my opinion. Either way, I have antibiotics for him along with a pain med and now a feeding tube for he will not eat on his own. I really need some help with this. What is it suppose to look like after being removed? Is his laying around ok? What should I do to care for it so that it does not get damaged while healing? I know that these are things I should ask a vet but he just acted like I was suppose to know.... Any information is so much appreciated and please please comment. I also wanted to state that he is in a very clean environment as I take great care of both my little pals. Thank you for your time.

03/22/17  11:47am


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 My Bob


First off, as I work with vets, (some more "challenging" than others) I would suggest to call up there and ask them for clarification on your post op instructions. They will understand....It’s a whole lot of information to get when you are concerned about a pet. A lot of people call us back once they get home after they have time to process everything and have do not hesitate to call your vet back at all. Typically a tech (who maybe more personable) should be able to answer most your questions or check with the doctor for you. Sometimes doctors forget that they work with the general public and that we all didn’t go to vet school ;)

I’ll throw my 2 cents down.....

As far as how the tail should look, may differ depending on how far up the tail was amputated at and if there are sutures/glue. After an amputation, some discharge can be normal. Small amount of clear to clear-pinkish or even a small amount of blood can be normal. If discharge persists for more than a day or becomes cloudy, green, yellow then it may be infected. The tissue at the site should be pink and may scab as it heals.

To help prevent self injury, just keep his tank simple and clean. Remove necessary decor and keep the room quite to help reduce stress. Also I’d suggest a solid substrate-carpet, paper towels, so debris doesn’t stick to the site. Most recovery from surgery is about 7 days to fully heal, smaller areas can heal much quicker.

I’d expect the first 24 after surgery for him to be sluggish, by the next day he should be more alert, but may still be less active. If you feel at all that he isn’t as active as he should be, then recheck with your vet sooner than later. Hopefully you will not need to use a feeding tube on him and that he will eat on his own. Feeding tubes are beyond me...

It sounds like you really care about your Bob and I hope that he has a fast recovery, he is lucky to have you as his "parent" :)

03/23/17  06:03pm

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