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 New bearded dragon

I just got my bearded dragon yesterday and he is now hiding under his rock and his mat. Should I give him a few days to acclimate? Or should I start handling him right away? He is 1 1/2 and has been handled a lot at his previous home. I just wonder is he pouting?

07/08/16  07:19pm


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  Message To: Mtriebel   In reference to Message Id: 2319053

 New bearded dragon

So how is your new bearded dragon doing?

09/16/16  02:15pm


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  Message To: Janmccri   In reference to Message Id: 2319488

 New bearded dragon

SO.... I’m a week in as new as a beardie mom and I love my baby beardie and he’s okay to be held like first thing in the morning I give him a bath and hold him for a short time so he gets use to me but as soon as I get home he doesn’t want to be held like the last couple of days and today being the second day he got stress lines ... what should I do I mean he let’s me pet him and all just not letting hold him in the evening ... what should I do he’s also only a few week old too and he’s not being aggressive just a little freaked out in the and runs everything else is normal so far

03/10/18  04:06pm

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