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 Blind bearded dragon

I was wondering if anyone can recommend on what I can feed a blind bearded dragon who can’t see to eat. He/she was born with no eye sockets it was one of the biggest dragon born in the cluch now it is one of the smallest. All the others in the cluch are eating Dubai roachs and calci worms.crickets etc. growing like weeds. Only thing I can seem to get my little blind guy to eat is baby food.ive tried to force feeding him a Dubai roach and he just shakes its heads and doesn’t take it. Baby food tho he eats. Any help would be great I just don’t want to lose my little guy. He’s about about 2 weeks old.

04/25/16  08:29pm


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  Message To: Ukonsean   In reference to Message Id: 2318209

 Blind bearded dragon

You could blend up some Dubia roaches with some of the calcium worms and a little bit of squash and syringe feed him that. It would be better for him than the baby food. Once he gets used to the taste he may eat it on his own from a dish.

07/20/16  02:06pm


Bill McNuggets
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  Message To: Chrlea   In reference to Message Id: 2319150

 Blind bearded dragon

Good luck with your little guy.

08/12/17  05:13am

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