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 Healthy but not eating

my beardie moves around throughout the day and sits under his Mercury Vapor Light and the temperatures are all great. He’s still young, only about 3.5 inches long from head to tail. He wont eat greens or fruits at all, he dosent even go over to them to look at them. at first he would chase crickets but now hes not interested in them at all and im lucky if he will eat one small worm every few days. But he moves around, dosent look skinny or malnourished and he poops every few days. It is solid and not runny or anything. PLEASE HELP!

03/21/16  06:32pm


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 Healthy but not eating

How are you ,measuring temps ...directly at the basking spot? the MVB is that a power sun or a solar glo...and what wattage..i suspect the temps are not hot enough and if you are relying on gauges attached to the glass those are not capable of measuring the basking spot

Go to harbor freight online and type in NON CONTACT POCKET TEMP should pop as 11.99 get one of those and never look back.

Next... get some repta boost and syringe feed the dragon...or put it on the salad...
also make sure it gets some water via syringe ...or spray bottle directly on his lips. he will start to lap it up if he is thirsty.

Add a dash of honey dissolved with hot water...then add cool water just a tiny bit to make a tiny salad dressing...and beware of the amount of is high in sugars so don’t do this everyday...just enough to get him interested
If you want use pomegranate juice pure unsweetened to make the salad dressing, no honey ...

If you get a temp gun and get the temps up to 105-115 at basking for babies...that will help the metabolism. Add a clamp lamp / dome and a 90 watt flood lamp from THE HOME DEPOT they sell PAr38 halogen flood lamps for 9.97 ( 2 pack) stay away from reptile store lights that burn out prematurely...

03/27/16  04:07pm

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