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Hello everyone. I need help. I bought my son a fancy baby bearded dragon Christmas Eve. He is small. Since we got him he seems to just sleep a lot. Won’t eat. If I take home out he will move around. We have another one to now but that one goes after the crickets with out a problem. But not the other one. He does drink water. Keep his day lights on and it’s about 100 degrees. I use the ubv light all day and use the night basking light at night. One is very active and eats well. He does not. Need some fast help from someone that has had the same issues. Thank you

01/11/16  10:43pm


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There is no way for us to determine what could be wrong with the small one.
You did not mention the place of could be the runt of the litter....affected by parasites , which is very common.
Have you tried syringe feeding you have a human baby syringe ( about 3-5.00 ) at walmart walgreens

Do you have a Vet near you that can treat the beardie? they will charge an office visit of about 60.00 and do an exam... for another 15-20.00 they can examine the poop under a microscope for parasites and then give you medication.

You can make your own JUMP START with pedialyte and blended foods a soup and feed the dragon with a syringe but if he is too far gone he will throw up ...the trick is to get him to keep the food down.

another thing you can do is order Jump Start online and follow the directions, it is an appetite stimulant for reptiles...another one is called Repta Boost at local pet stores

Critical care is a super powder food you can order on amazon or get from the Vet. they usually sell it to the public without a prescription. Critical Care for carnivore reptiles comes in a red and silver foil bag...keep refrigerated when not using it.

Are they together ....I would advise separating them so they both do not get ill.

if you need links to products let me know

01/14/16  11:53pm

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