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 Making Bearded Dragon Tank, Suggestions?

Hello there, I have a baby Beardie named Bowser.I’ve had him for two months and he’s now currently around 4 months old and is 11inches. I currently have him in a 20 gallon so I know I need to upgrade soon or else he won’t have much room to move and hunt.
So Right now I’m not sure the things I have for him are the best, such as lights as I had done little research before getting him.
Soon I’m am going to start making him a Habitat, it will be rectangle with the dimensions of a 75 gallon tank. 48Lx18Wx20. Now I don’t know what types of bulbs are best and how far away they need to be, this is my biggest concern so far.
I will have four different platforms for him to be on. 2 at 8in on each side, one in the,middle being connected by branches and bridges ( can’t figure out how to include picture) and the final one will be at 14in connected to the platform in the,middle but over one of the 8in platforms. almost like different floors. now is 6in under the light
best? how do I keep the rest of the tank warm? also what is the best type of bulb for sunlight?
Thank you!

01/01/16  10:09am


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  Message To: Nikkimrll   In reference to Message Id: 2316368

 Making Bearded Dragon Tank, Suggestions?

The best lamp for UVB artificial sunlight is called a mega ray... a private reptile owner and rehab guy makes them for years and years now... he has a company and a web site and a facebook and he also allows Amazon to sell them.
They are about 50.00 and they last 12-15 months ....if you buy from the website direct he will replace them if they burn out before 12 months pay shipping to Florida They send you a new one.

The direct web site also offers a promo code at the online checkout for a discount... type this code if you order

These lamps screw into a porcelain socket and look just like a flood lamp on the back door / porch
They are called SELF BALLASTED MERCURY VAPOR LAMPS They are the most powerful lamp that I own and I have tested many over the years using a solarmeter 6.2 (200.00 meter)

I will give you the links to the site and i will give you links to a you tube video that demonstrates the real difference between the competitors


The mega ray is so powerful they have recommended safe distances to the reptile body
70 watt 6" minimum clearance to the reptile
100 watt 12" minimum clearance to the reptile
160 watt 18" minimum clearance to the reptile
275 watt 36" minimum clearance to the reptile

they produce UVB/UVA/HEAT... so make sure you have an accurate temp gun or digital gauge and be prepared to have an additional heat lamp just in case the tank is bigger than the wattage can handle ... they will work really well but 1 lamps is not enough for all sizes
For example I know that 100 watt mega ray will heat a stone @ 12" to 108 F...+/- a degree or 2

However I do not know what your dimension is or will be in the future. and beardies like it hot around 110 -115 at basking

Ok that’s my story ...ohhh one more link for you to study about UVb and reptile lighting

UV and Light

the facebook link to the owner
Reptile UV

Did you know that the cheap little compact lamps in the pet store are utter junk... emitting 15 -20 microwatts of UVB...ugghhh disgusting... the T8 linear tubes that need a fish tank hood to hold them... the 10.0 Repti Sun Desert emits a little better at 45-60 microwatts of UVB @ 10"
I use those in the 4 ft length but they are 29.99 each online from pet mountain + shipping so I buy them all at once and they last about 8 months...+ I had to but a fixture another 16.00 from Lowes

UVB is not cheap... the lizard might be cheap ... but all the supplies will kill you

Good Luck
uvb challenge

01/09/16  03:23pm


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  Message To: Nikkimrll   In reference to Message Id: 2316368

 Making Bearded Dragon Tank, Suggestions?

if you need any suggestions and have any concerns i make custom enclousres and ahve a dragon rescue feel free to message with any qustions you have

01/11/16  06:58pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2316482

 Making Bearded Dragon Tank, Suggestions?

Awesome info! I guess I’ll be changing from reptisun uvb

01/11/16  10:28pm

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