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 Blind Bearded Dragon Help Please!

Hello! I have a young bearded dragon that is maybe 4-6 months, the place I got him from was unsure about him. They told us that he has a lot of trouble eating which is why he was so skinny! A vet trip later, we found out he was actually blind in both eyes. Poor guy never had a chance with the food. I was wondering if anyone out there also has a disabled (right word? lol) beardie and any tips? Right now we just use forceps to try and get the meal worm to touch his beard and he’ll go for a few before getting freaked out, which is understandable I would be freaked out too! I soak him cause that’s his only really way of water, since once I put him in the cage he doesn’t budge. For trying to get him to gain some weight I’ve done some wax worms and per doc’s recommendation, Oxbow Omnivore/Carnivore powder that you mix with water and syringe feed like .05 mL of it.

But any other recommendations? Just thought I’d ask around :)

10/10/15  07:55pm


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  Message To: Jennmeow   In reference to Message Id: 2315166

 Blind Bearded Dragon Help Please!

Well the other people ...did they use a COMPACT uvb lamp on him
Are you using a compact UVB lamp?

Which lamp are you using for UVB exact name brand please.

We have a snake that is blind and we have great success with her ... since 2009
You my have to feed your dragon by hand all it’s life

If you turn off the UVB for 2 weeks it might start to help this issue ( if the symptoms apply )
Read about it here

dangerous lamps

you can make a smoothie of all the things you want to feed and use a human baby syringe to feed the dragon

here is a great food chart that we refer to

beautiful dragons

Best wishes

10/10/15  10:05pm

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