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 HELP! 2 Yr Old Male Lost Half/Toe Hanging From Screen

My 2 year old male Sephyra gets the crazies after he poops. He was glass-surfing and running around his tank, and he always scrabbles at the screen on top and hangs by his toes. He has just amputated a front toe halfway. The bleeding has mostly stopped, but not sure what to do. There are no exotic animal vets anywhere in my area. What should I do? He is acting fine,, doesn’t appear to be in pain.

09/11/15  01:42pm


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 HELP! 2 Yr Old Male Lost Half/Toe Hanging From Screen

We ( all herpers ) use cornstarch to stop the bleeding. Or if it isn’t real bad just a tissue.

Yes the cage will rip toe nails off and such ... you aren’t the first and not the last. If the toe nail is hanging you need to clip it off. If it involves tissue and skin ... you are going to need some way to sterilize it after.

We use Betadine sold at the grocery / drug stores / target / Walmart. it’s not cheap.
Mix a small amount of betadine 50 / 50 with water put it in a separate container just for the dragon.
This will be the start of your first aid kit.
Get some foam ear cleaners |
get some triple antibiotic without pain reliever ( Neosporin) or any generic brand.

Take your 50/50 solution and clean the area. All tools such as nail clippers and scissors should be dipped in Alcohol to sterilize the tools.
Clip the nail down to the skin and remove. bleeding will start ... possibly. be ready with a paper towel and cornstarch.
After the bleeding has stopped you can wash with the 50/ 50 solution again and pat dry with clean paper towel

Then apply triple antibiotic each day ... keep the tank clean and remove substrate and keep the dragon on newspaper.
after it heals return to normal daily routine


09/17/15  01:21pm

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