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 Bearded dragon swollen arms

Hi there I have a 5 year old bearded dragon with swollen arms her left isn’t as bad as the right she can’t really use the rightone iI took her to the vet got xray all clear everything all good so got blood test took for gout and so came back all clear only sum thing about w hite blood cell low or sum thing vet said could be from not eating much trying to get her to eat more to get stool sample she has uvb bulb heat bulb ceramic heater for night she gets greens and veg she didn’t really bother with this she gets locust its all duster with nutrobal was giving them silkworms haven’t been able to get for a while I managed to get small ones this week feeding them up on mulberry leaves I give her a shower once or twice a week she has water in tank didn’t seem to bother with I am giving her showers every 2 days the now I noticed she did a couple of really large poos so may have been a bit constipated seems all clear now she’sgot aantiinflammatory and a critical formula the now any help would be appritiated thanks very much

08/22/15  04:03pm


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  Message To: Lorraine06   In reference to Message Id: 2314664

 Bearded dragon swollen arms

holy smokes.... Why all the medications and critical care??

Locust ... veggies ... UVB ... UVA ... 65F at night no heat needed. NO WATER in the enclosure... showers 2x a week ok.

Swollen arms ... when did they swell?? how long have they swollen. Blood test is good ...Low white cell count means NO INFECTION...thats is a good thing.

Send pictures

PHOTOBUCKET ... make an album ... paste the link

08/26/15  01:24am

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