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 Lazy dragon

Hello! I have a male beardie who is around a 18monts old. I have noticed he doesn’t eat his veg and tends to sit under his rock all day and not very active any more. His temps are at around 33 degrees in the hot side for basking which was advised by the reptile shop I got him from. He has a uvb bulb and ceramic heater and is fed gut loaded locusts daily (which he eats). Can anyone give me any tips on how I can make him more active and bask more often?

07/21/15  11:03am


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 Lazy dragon

we have dragons ranging from 7-10 years old... some just get lazy at times ... maybe a week or 2. But we feed roaches and they come running for them ... so with that in mind we believe they are OK.
You said yours comes for the locust so maybe it is just being lazy. Or not warm enough

For example the lights we have shine down on wood and rock... the wood is 36C but the rock/ brick /paver absorbs more heat and is 40C

Do you get outside at all with him?? we also take ours out to the front garden filled with mint and dandelion flowers. They love dandelion leaves and flowers.

33 C = 91.4 F
Get the basking area up to 38-40 C max... and the cool side daytime 28-29C...if slightly higher no worries
They get more active with heat and digest better too.
Night time can cool off to any temp above 18-20 C they will think it is winter. Adults will try to hibernate or Brumate at the low temps. They will sleep for 2-3 months

Food items ...look at this chart and see what you have across the pond.

Beautiful Dragons

try frozen thawed fuzzy mice... cooked chicken shredded/ sliced...wet dog food for treats... frozen SILVERSIDES (tropical fish supply) defrost and entice the dragon with the fish. fruit ... grapes ... watermelon ...see the chart

Lights ...please describe the name brand and wattage of the UVB. Have you a temp gun ?? to accurately measure temps

Temp Gun
They read both Celsius and Fahrenheit
I know you dont have a harbor freight ...but it is just an example to look for
I own this one as well....
temp gun


07/23/15  12:57pm


Stevie nix
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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314297

 Lazy dragon

my sunzu is being lazy today sitting under her basking light and stairing at me lol thus the name sunzu she always looks like shes plotting. (wisppers world domination)

08/05/16  05:14pm

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