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Mel B
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 BlackBerry leaves safe to eat

I saw setting in backyard with my dragon and she walks up to blackberry bushes that has pushed through fence and started chomping away on the leaves. I know these are not treated with no pesticides. I can’t find anything on of the actual leaves are safe for her to eat. If so that’s great! They pretty much grow here year round. Also reading about the squash.... should this be offered raw or cooked?

Still not to much luck with the shed, we keep working on it. (I posted earlier about her shed being stuck)
The stuff that has came off of VERY THICK....I can’t for the life of me get her to drink water at all. I think it would help.....any ways right now I need to know about the leaves, she sure liked them and of there safe and can have then again cuz they are abundant here. Thanks for reading

10/05/14  10:11pm


Kyle McI
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  Message To: Mel B   In reference to Message Id: 2310198

 BlackBerry leaves safe to eat

Hi, I have no idea about the leaves, cant find anything either. Theres a site I use "" which has a detailed nutrition chart. to get your beardie to drink though, I use a small dripper, im sure I got it from a flower shop, think its for feeding plants or something. Make sure its new in packaging. I always use bottled water not sure if they should drink tap water so I try to be safe. with the small dripper I put 1 or 2 drips on the tip of my beardies nose. If it wants a drink it’ll lick it, then keep putting its tongue in and out licking so I drip it on to its tongue, its like a game trying to keep up with it. It loves it. be careful not to give to much they don’t need much water as they get most of it from their food greens and stuff. I gave mines too much before and it started making a sort of hissing noise and spitted some back up, it was terrifying. Also I feed mines butternut squash, raw, just peel and grate some ,lots of moisture in it too and very good for them.

03/20/15  12:30pm

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