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Leihuananis   Tempestborn  

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 Need help...

I picked up a rescue beardie 2, days ago...hes about 4years old and not doing well at all, hes malnourished and so far unable to walk.the pet store had him for 3weeks. But even with that length of time I thought he would be doing better. ..hes eating but dont think his back legs work, I wad thinking maybe metabolic bone disease?? He vomited to day :( I have a heat bulb for him for now am picking up a uv light hopefully tomorrow, but did sit with him a little in the sun today, gave a a soak in the bath, and he took down 1 ml of pedialight...I hope "joey" makes it im worried..

07/08/14  09:51pm


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 Need help...

i had one like that. she was eight years old and had been caged with a dominant male all her life, so she was nearly starved to death and could hardly scoot along. i was sure she was gonna die. she ate 5000 four-week crickets in six weeks. i let her eat 4-5 times a day, as much as she wanted. basically i fed her like i would a baby beardie; they usually don’t care much about greens when they’re little; it’s all about protein. i dusted a batch a day with calcium powder. i had to sit on my hands when i fed her. she’d try to reach a cricket and fall sideways, and i wanted to help her so bad! for the first few weeks i had to; if she got herself flipped, she wasn’t strong enough to right herself.

i told you all that to tell you she is 11 1/2 years old, her name is pipsqueak, and she’s just pluggin’ along. she started eating veggies about her second year with me, but she’ll take meat any day. now that she’s a "grownup," she gets protein twice a week (sometimes 3 times) like a normal grown-up beardie. she walks and runs. she can chase down pill bugs and the occasional grasshopper; i once saw her snap up a wasp! she just chewed it and swallowed it... she is still wobbly. a lifetime without uvb meant those bones had long since mis-formed. but she’s strong and happy and grazes outside with the tortoise.

so first, get a LOT of four-week crickets; she’s going to need all she can get. you can get more pedialyte into her if you put it in her bath, about two parts water and one part pedialyte, i think it is. she will love it if you very gently scrub her down with a soft toothbrush.

get uvb on her as close to immediately as possible. mbd is painful, so the first thing you want is to alleviate the pain. make sure he gets pleanty of calcium. it’s not hopeless. pip became a happy, little-old-lady dragon.

good luck,


07/09/14  03:51pm

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