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 A few questions about my Beardie’s behavior and care

Hey, there. I just acquired a yearling from another individual that lived close to me. He’s supposedly a male (I haven’t checked and also don’t plan on adding another to his enclosure anytime soon, so I don’t guess it matters) and I’ve named him Irwin, after the Crocodile Hunter. This species of lizard is from Australia so I figured it was appropriate. When my girlfriend and I went to see him, his previous owner seemed to intimidate him quite a bit. When he tried to pick Irwin up, he immediately puffed up and began hissing. It wasn’t full-blown attack mode but it was obvious that Irwin wasn’t too fond of this guy. Once I got him home, I became a tad apprehensive; would he grow to like me? Since I’ve had him (for about four days now) he hasn’t puffed up at me once and has only hissed at me one time when I was feeding him crickets by hand and tried to pet him afterwards. Otherwise he’s been perfectly docile, leading me to believe that it was more the previous owner than his personal attitude (which is odd because the guy was a reptile enthusiast with at least ten to fifteen different animals in what he designated as the "Reptile Room" and was active in taking in rescues). He even waved at me the first night I brought him home, which as I understand it is a sign of submission with beardies.

However, I have a few concerns. Firstly, he doesn’t use either of the hides I’ve put out for him very often. As in, when he goes to sleep, he seems to prefer to be out in the open as opposed to covered. Is this a bad sign or just one that he feels comfortable? It might be odd to worry about such behavior but from my own personal experience with other species of lizards they don’t do this. Secondly, he still seems a bit skiddish of me, but again I’ve only had him four days so that’s perfectly normal I would assume. I handle him a bit each day and he doesn’t really like being picked up (he squirms as if I’ll drop him even though I scoop under his stomach) but once I have him steady, he just sits. I put him on my shoulder a lot, but usually after a few minutes he tries to get down and explore. He runs a bit from me when I try to end his adventure but still doesn’t seem too stressed. Today he even feel asleep in my lap with my shirt covering him. For those of you with tame beardies that love to be held, what would you recommend I do to further gain his trust?

As for his baths, he doesn’t really seem to like them. I’ve bathed him three times since I’ve had him and every time he just sits there when I watch. If I leave and come back he’s usually in a corner of the tub as if he was trying to climb out. I’ve given him so many baths in this short amount of time because with the exception of the second bath, he hasn’t defecated at all. I understand that this might be a sign of stress but I also have another concern: the light source. His previous owner had Irwin and all the rest of his reptilian pets lit with standard light bulbs, one normal that gives off head and another fluorescent that gives off UVB. I got a thermometer today to check the temps in the cage (don’t judge me for waiting so long but I had a few unforeseen expenses to take care of first), and left the light on it for a few minutes. The temperature never rose above 90.4 on the digital readout of this model: This caused me to worry a bit. However, this man bought Irwin new from a PetSmart over a year ago and uses these bulbs for all of his reptiles, including his other bearded dragon. I’m not saying he knows everything there is to know, but he seemed serious enough about the hobby that he would know what he’s doing. He even said that a local breeder suggested these bulbs to him so I assume there’s some merit behind the idea. Likewise, I have a log in the enclosure that is sloped upward toward the light and Irwin typically basks right under it, within seven inches or so. As for the cool side of the enclosure, the room he’s in rarely gets below 73 degrees so I figured another thermometer could wait.

So, does anyone have any tips? Could my thermometer just be off? The actual probe portion is placed on the floor of the tank. As for him not hiding very often, is that a good thing? (Probably a stupid question but I’m curious just the same). Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, what kind of calcium and vitamins have everyone had the best luck with? Thanks.

07/06/14  08:56pm


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  Message To: Spidervenom1992   In reference to Message Id: 2306788

 A few questions about my Beardie’s behavior and care

DON’T ADD ANOTHER BEARDIE TO HIS ENCLOSURE. one will dominate the other and starve it to death.

this idiot--um, i mean, guy you bought him from sounds like one of those reptile enthusiasts on craiglist. they "rescue" reptiles and flip them. the way you described irwin’s (love it!) reaction to him sounds like active dislike. i don’t think he was very nice to his beardie. you’re being nice to him. you’re following your instincts and they are exactly right. it’ll take a little while, but if he’s falling asleep in your lap after four days, you’ve got a great start.

beardies sleep in strange places, strange positions... i was reading about these blackheads they can get on their back legs; the vet who wrote the article said in the wild they normally sleep clinging vertically to rock. he theorizes that, in the wild, their hind legs get used more and so don’t get the buildup that causes the blackheads. irwin will get to know his space and find his favorite spots.


07/28/14  04:32pm


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2308067

 A few questions about my Beardie’s behavior and care

Mine always sept out in the open they never liked hides all bearded dragons like different things

12/27/14  12:59pm


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  Message To: Spidervenom1992   In reference to Message Id: 2306788

 A few questions about my Beardie’s behavior and care

I agree with jesse..what kind of equipment are you measuring the temps(probe,gun,tape..). My adult water monitor don’t use his hides like the others but everytime he’sout he tries to hide under me like he’ll scratch at the floor and nuzzle at my stomach(he’s weird) and my burm sleeps really high in the trees of his cages. Different species same problem lol I guess their use to the surroundings. Is your room quiet...mine is??

12/27/14  01:44pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2311498

 A few questions about my Beardie’s behavior and care

My lizard has never used his hide (I’m sad, because I got a really expensive one with insulated heat) and only sleeps out in the open too; he seems perfectly happy with that spot. He hardly moves from it besides to eat, but when he’s out of his cage he runs every where exploring, and then comes back to me. I’m no expert, but it may be nothing!

01/14/15  12:11pm

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