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 HELP! Beardie Not Pooping or Eating Continuously!

I have a 12 month old male beardie. He is in a 40 gallon terrarium, with repti-carpet for substrate. He has 2 heat lamps and a really great UV light that spans across his whole cage. Daytime temps are 95-100 on the warm side, and 84-86 on the cool side. I use a red lamp for nighttime. He is free fed a variety of greens and vegetables, and always has water in his bowl. I mist him several times a day, he loves it! He used to eat crickets, but won’t touch them since he was sick with coccydia a couple of months ago. I have been giving him mealworms during the day, around 20-25, and superworms at night,around 10-15, with heads chopped off. For weeks now, he has gone from pooping daily to every few days to a week. He won’t eat frequently, skipping meals a lot. Hevgets plenty of hydration from the mistings, plus warm baths I give him. I am really worried, and don’t know what else I can give him to eat besides roaches, which are not available where I live. Please help!! Thanks!

06/11/14  12:00pm


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 HELP! Beardie Not Pooping or Eating Continuously!


How is your beardie?

It is normal for them to slow down on the pooping as they get older. I have one that only poops once every two weeks and even tough salad is offered every day, he only takes a bite or two of it. Slow down on the meal worms and supers....especially the meal worms. they are high in chitin and can cause impaction if he eats too too many. How about discoid or dubia roaches? these guys love them and they are nutritious for them. Also, silk worms and horn worms, although a bit more expensive, can be used as a staple and are a lot healthier than the supers and mealies.

If he is eating but not pooping and not acting his normal self, give him a bit of some mashed cooked pumpkin or squash, sweet potato. This should help him go.


06/14/14  06:47pm

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