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 Is my Beardie a giant?!

Hi! I’m new here, but I just HAVE to ask, what is the typical size of dragons while they are growing? We got Merlin (Merlins beard? get it? ha.) when he was 3 weeks old they said (too young I *now* know) but they said he was 6 inches (got home, measured, he was barely 5") and he didn’t eat for maybe a week but thats loooong gone as he is eating us out of house and home.

I am a bit of a freak about his food, I let him eat as much as he wants, twice a day, his greens with squash and veggies new once a day, maybe 60-75 crickets a day, (dusting with appropriate vit as needed) a few wax worms as treats (spoiled) butter worms as treats (again, spoiled) has a mercury bulb and cool bulb, will be getting a new 70+ gallon soon *goodbye money* and he gets baths whenever he starts to fuss around in his cage and starts staring at me like a diva. So he gets a bath 2-3 a week, he loves the water and he is a drinker (like his mom)

Aaaanyways, he has GROWN, like GROWN a lot. We have now had him for almost 4 months and he is now 17.5" long *jaw drops* is this huge for a dragon his age at almost 5 months? He is now a lovely sandfire beaut, red and orange and yellow all over. But everyone says he is enormous for his age, and how much he has grown.

Is this normal? Just trying to get a feel if he is a freak of nature or not! I have documented his growing every week and its crazy!

01/21/14  05:35pm


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 Is my Beardie a giant?!

that is huge. aleister is four years old and just about a foot, nose-to-tail. you prob do have a giant there. the only thing i wonder about, and someone else will have to answer for me because i really don’t know, is, at five months, does he still need that much protein? i’d love to see a pic.


01/24/14  08:46am


Stevie nix
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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2303104

 Is my Beardie a giant?!

mine is 8 months old and she is over 1 foot long from head to tale and just loves to be a diva more than me lol

08/05/16  05:22pm

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