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 Atadenovirus and the last few horrible days

We have lost three dragons since Sunday, 2 adults and one 9 month old. Our other adult is dying at the veterinary hospital, and the other 2 young ones are home on antibiotics, but they are exhibiting symptoms as well. We have yet to have a confirmation of diagnosis yet, and if Lumpy dies, then a necropsy and tissue testing will be the first thing they do. All of our beardies were kept in different enclosures. I fear that I am partly to blame for the outbreak... We have one smaller male who exhibited symptoms of not growing and (looking back)some neurological signs as well. I changed his substrate and placed him into the young females enclosure while I did this. Shortly after the whole group started getting sick. I think that I could have contaminated them by accidentally switching water bowls(they’re all the same) and also I believe the heating became an issue and stressed them out. I also know that my children weren’t always careful to wash hands well between handling them. This has been a horrific experience. Zeus went first, we had him for almost a year he was a little over 2 yrs old. Athena the same. Lumpy we’ve had the longest and he is also over 2 1/2 years old. The vet says he doesn’t have long. Lily was 9 months old and beautiful. Runt and Nibbler are still alive, but after all of this loss it’s hard to stay positive. We’re trying to learn so that this NEVER happens again, if we ever decide to get new beardies. We have so enjoyed them. They were a huge part of our family! I needed a place to share and vent. I am also trying to determine if our Tegu could possibly contract it as well... I hope not!! Has anyone had experience with atadenovirus??

12/04/13  09:51am


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 Atadenovirus and the last few horrible days

Adenovirus ...if you go to bearded dragons dot net you can find experts there , they used to visit here but they moved on.

Try to find Nancy Mc Bride in Thompson Manitoba, Canada on Facebook. She has 1 dragon that survived with homeopathic remedies and natural food items / supplements Milk thistle and bee pollen and other such things..I keep trying to post her facebook here in a link but the link breaks...maybe due to privacy settings??
But here is her website...make contact !!

Northern Dragons

She was here for years , but alas she had so much going on, she had to open her own page / website.

She can tell you so much to have them tested by her very good friend and vet tech (forget her name ) and how to / what to expect symptoms and recovery.

Sometimes , as the gene pool gets smaller the neurological problems become prolific and also other issues ...we have rescued many dragons and had 14 ? 15 at 1 time. This last year 4 passed very suddenly, we examined all possible causes ...they were active and eating up to the next day when they had expired. 2 went in 1 week , the other 2 took a slightly longer period of time and the vet said she thought it was anemia as the blood tests showed as such....Leukemia is more common in these dragons than one might imagine.

They were all 4 years and older...but had abusive / negligent pasts. We consider ourselves lucky to have given them better lives than the fate they might have suffered.

I am so sorry for your loss...adenovirus is a horrible slow death for any dragon to suffer and there is really very little you can do except to purchase dragons from breeders who test and show documentation of a virus free breeding facility...again talk to Nancy.

Wishing you the best ,

Chris (Cp)

12/05/13  12:47am

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