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 Leather hypo-translucent lighting/heating q’s

Hey there! Its been a while since Ive been on these forums, but I have a question. I just purchased 2 baby beardies, which arrived this morning. One is a Coral leather hypo-translucent female, the other is a Coral hypo-translucent male (het. leather). I have them in 2 separate tanks, the male in a 40 breeder, the smaller female in a 20 long. The 40 breeder is set up with a MVB and a fluorescent fish light just for back lighting, the female is set up with a ReptiSun 10.0 and a 100W basking bulb. The basking temp in the males tank with the MVB is at 107F, and the females is at 110F. Now, the breeder sounded sort of shocked when I told her of these temps and informed me that she keeps hers under a basking temp of around 100F. These are the temps I have always kept my beardies under in the past, although I have never owned a leather or a translucent.
My question is: Are translucents or leathers more sensitive to heat? If so what are the proper temps they are normally kept at safely? I want to make sure these guys get the absolute best care possible as I plan on breeding them around at 18-20 months of age (not together - they are brother/sister).
Also, Its been a long time since Ive read up on the best UVB bulbs on the market these days. I currently use a SolarGlo MVB made by Exo Terra. I read several months ago that there had been some issues with the T-Rex Active UV bulbs, is that true? Those used to be the best, along with the Mega Ray (are those still good?). The ReptiSun is still the best as far as fluorescent UVB’s go as far as I know. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I normally use the website as a source for all of my lighting questions, but it has been under construction for quite some time now.
I also wanted to ask if it is safe to use a 100W MVB at a safe distance for the 20 gallon tank. I know it is typically recommended to only use the with 40 gallon or larger, but the ExoTerra MVB does not seem to get nearly as hot as the T-Rex or Mega Ray. I have it set at 10" from the basking spot and it is only 107F. I know the minimum safe distance is 12", but have always kept at this distance and have never seen an issue, and any further away would lower the heat too much. I would really like to use MVB’s for both tanks since they are so much more efficient, less clutter, longer lifespan, more UVB output, etc.
Sorry for the essay of a post, but I just really want to make sure these guys get the best possible care.



Mother(Ember) and Father(Bastian)

Grandmother-Molly (Bastians mom)

Sorry about all the pictures, Im just so excited and none of my friends care about reptiles so Im just showing off lol!
By the way, I got both of these guys for $255 SHIPPED. That was $150 ea. shipped (discounted $45 for purchasing 2). She has many more available if your interested, send me a message and ill get you her contact info. They come from imported stock (Where Dragons Dwell).
Thank you so much for reading!

08/22/13  02:30pm

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