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 Crickets n water?

hi, i feed my basilisk crickets and waxworms(waxworms in cup) but the crickets are free to roam for her to hunt them. if i bathe her once a week in a different container do i need one in the tank? i keep the tank misted and high humidy.

05/19/06  07:40am


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  Message To: Foxracer   In reference to Message Id: 793350

 Crickets n water?

what is the lizard suppost to drink it doesnt need to be big but there should be some sort of water bowl in there

06/22/06  03:18am


Edward Howard
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  Message To: Anaconda5050   In reference to Message Id: 844650

 Crickets n water?

yea these guys need to bath on their own, they stress realy easisly so donít hold/ bath them your self. thats rule 101 of bassies, donít hold em! so ya they need a water bowl 24/7 the chrix are probably tryting to get some water to drink, are you feeding the chrix? and providing them with water? a damp spounge in the tank will help.

06/22/06  02:02pm


Emerald Basiliks
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  Message To: Edward Howard   In reference to Message Id: 845280

 Crickets n water?

get one in the tank they need to swim. to keep the crickets from dying in the water just stick a stick in the water so they can get out

08/21/06  09:55pm


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  Message To: Emerald Basiliks   In reference to Message Id: 950663

 Crickets n water?

A basilisk’s native environment is the tropical jungles/swamps of Central and South America. They basically live near water in the wild. (Hence the evolved ability to run on water as a defense/ escape mechanism). I keep a large rubbermaid type tub in the bottom of my enclosure with clean water (changed daily) in it for my guy to drink and "swim".
Plus I have a mistking automatic misting system that goes off every couple of hours to keep the enclosure humidity level up.

03/20/08  07:13pm

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