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 Looking for brown basilisk

hello i have one cwd and i am looking for a brown basilisk to live with her. i know for sure that cwds get along with green basilisks but do they also get along with brown basilisks?
thanks in advance,
CWD Lover

12/22/05  08:54pm


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  Message To: CWDLover4life   In reference to Message Id: 580591

 Looking for brown basilisk

i aint that experienced but it normally depends on the lizards some can get along and some cant. some people say that it is better to put them together when they are young which i think is sensible. if your cwd is older then it probebly wont take kindly to another lizard in its space.


hope that was of some help t ya

12/24/05  07:53am


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  Message To: Gerome   In reference to Message Id: 581832

 Looking for brown basilisk

askmaster of cold blood she had basilisk and cwd together

01/04/06  11:05pm


Smokey Jungle Frog
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  Message To: Littlefoot*   In reference to Message Id: 593907

 Looking for brown basilisk

your post was almost 2 years ago!!!!!!!

08/28/07  08:57pm

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