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 My new basilisk

Hey guys just got this baby today! His/her name is Bae, I’m not sure if it’s a she or a he.
I have a pretty big terrarium for him/her, it’s 1.20 cm x 45 cm x 50 cm :)
But I’m not sure if I should add him another light. Right now I’m using a 100WW bulb that is on the left side with two heater mats on the left side as well.. What do you guys think?

04/17/14  12:00am


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  Message To: Zhaam   In reference to Message Id: 2304651

 My new basilisk

I think you should be good with just that one light. You do need a shaded area for your basilisk to cool off/hide in.
It’s a pretty good terrarium you’ve got going on there though. Good job!

05/10/14  11:32am


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  Message To: Voxis   In reference to Message Id: 2305060

 My new basilisk

Cannot see picks post some

07/03/14  10:50pm

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