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 Negini needs new home

I posted a while back about my gb, negini. Negini has become worse. I can’t handle him or even open his enclosure. He bites, head bobbles, and now his big thing is escaping. I would say negini is about a foot and a half in length. I was told negini was a male, but because of lack of crest and such, I’m leaning twords female.
negini loves to bask all day, is a total pig eats everything, loves waterfalls and filters. Negini prefers crickets, only eats worms and such if he has to, and is a total spaz. If you’re interested I would take $25. He just needs a home with someone who can handle reptiles like him better than me.

12/30/13  11:43am


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  Message To: Rae96   In reference to Message Id: 2302817

 Negini needs new home

How much would you be looking to get to ship?

01/19/14  09:50pm

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