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 Green basilisk and Water Dragon

Hi everyone,
i just recently got a GB and he is a young male he has a good size tank to live in and i was wondering if i got a CWD about the same size and also a male will they coexistent well or kill one another. i have read blogs on here saying that people have no problem and then i see the ones saying they fight not a good idea, im going to attach some photos let me know what you thing..

thats Nimrod or nim for short.

04/17/13  07:04pm


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  Message To: Sircraigory   In reference to Message Id: 2295812

 Green basilisk and Water Dragon

I would not put them together pics did not show

04/19/13  06:24pm


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  Message To: Seabass1   In reference to Message Id: 2295941

 Green basilisk and Water Dragon

No you cannot house these two species together. Not only do they come from different places on the planet, they carry different bacteria that will surely kill one another.
They would never naturally meet in the wild and putting them in a small box together would surely spell disaster.
If you’d like to keep these species, please for their sake keep them separate
Basalisks and water dragons are both solitary, and do not need tankmates, nor do any other type of lizards require a tank mate. It is purely for the owners amusement. While you can happily an properly house many lizards in a tank, it is better to keep them with the same species.
Not to mention both of these animals have completely different behaviours, but also both are extremely territorial.
Again, as stated, do not mix species of any kind. There are exceptions, but when it comes down to it, it is not healthy or natural.
Good luck, I hope this was informative.


04/24/13  01:21pm

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