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Kirstyng   Danilynnova  

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 Help! Possible sick basilisk?

Hi there, I have a 6-month old male green basilisk who, until thiis past week, has been eating extremely well- quite chubby even and full of energy. Within the last week or so he I haven’t seen him eat one cricket, he has dropped quite a bit of weight and he is much slower moving. I am wondering if this could be a health issue or just him maturing to an adult? I keep him in a 60 gallon tank with another female basilisk, and she is doing quite well and seems healthy. I have read that his symptoms could possibly be due to a parasite, but I am wondering if there could be another reason for this (perhaps it is common?) Thanks.

06/21/12  02:24pm


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 Help! Possible sick basilisk?

Do you have both a UVA heat lamp AND a UVB light? (5.0 UVB) and are you giving calcium? I have 2 9 month olds and that has never happened.

06/27/12  04:32pm

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