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 Decided on a Basilisk..

Hi All.
Have been thinking about getting one of these for a lil while but taken some time to perswade the other half to allow it as I already have 2 adult water dragons (both of which I have had for 10 years) a golden gecko and a lepord gecko. But have finaly been allowed so really looking forward to getting one. My biggest issue is the cage at the moment, we dont do buying wooden vivs as they are tat and often crack and rot with water so all my guys have custome built houses. However at the moment we havent gotten round to starting a house for the new guy but have found one to buy, a baby from a very good reptile house near me, they are very hard to get around here so want him asap, its only tiny so must be very young, maybe 5 weeks old. So my question, would it be ok in a 60x45x60cm tank for about 6 months untill we get a wooden one built?


Saffey x

12/11/11  04:55pm

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