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 Green and Brown together?

I know you should only have 1 male Green with other green females and females can live together. I am wondering if a female brown would be ok with a green female?
And if a Green Male would attack a brown female being she isn’t a green, seeing her as a different kind of lizard? They cannot mate right? I’m assuming not since I have yet to see a hybrid basilisk but would love to know. Right now I only have 1 CBB baby Green sex unknown ( too small) and a female brown adult. They are separate and staying that way however my husband asked me and I didn’t have an answer nor could I find it online :)
I do plan on eventually down the road breeding greens. ( not browns) I have many reptiles and do not breed nor do I agree with out being educated so this is a plan down the road when I have more experience with this specific breed.
I have done research , and will have everything when I do plan on attempting. I am just curious about them living together.

06/28/11  02:01pm


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  Message To: RucaBear   In reference to Message Id: 2226927

 Green and Brown together?

Mixing 2 different species is never a good idea even though they are in the same Genus.

07/01/11  11:28pm

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