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 Are basilisks agressive?

I had a chinese water dragon that I loved a few years ago, and want another but have also always wanted a basilisk, but I hear from everyone that they’re mean and antisocial.

Would this be all? Or just babies that could calm down with age and handling?

06/18/10  12:16pm


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 Are basilisks agressive?

yeah they are if you dont get them as itty bitty little hatchlings and work with them at least 10 min out of the day. but they still may be agressive.

they are mostly wild creatures. wild caught. they arnt very domesticated by any means and they are much more skittish then even frill dragons. their aggression is up there with rino iguanas, sail fin dragons ect...

but not every one would be agressive. it just depends

06/28/10  02:35pm

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