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 Looking For New Baby Boy

My 7 year old Bassie, Ishtar, passed away today and we are looking for a new baby boy. Has anyone had luck buying a little guy online, and where did you get him/her?

I havent been able to find them locally,(we live in Oklahoma City, Ok) but if you have information where I can, please let me know, otherwise its online and overnighted.

I miss my Ishy alot and want a little one very much. Ishy was very tame with me. He wouldnt let anyone else bother him but would climb up on my hand and loved being held and talked to. Im hoping the new baby will too.

Thank you for any info you can give!

02/25/10  12:55am


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 Looking For New Baby Boy

i’m sorry

11/06/10  07:28am

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