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I just saw a baslisk the first time at the reptile breeders :) went there to get some worms for my cwd, BUT WOW ARNT THESE GUYS JUST ADORABLE!!!!!

You owners of these must be some proud :D

Are these the lizards that can walk on water? I heard that they are very fast :3

11/13/09  02:04pm


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  Message To: MissSephiroth   In reference to Message Id: 2095024


yes we are very proud i have a green basilisk and a brown basilisk and yes they are the lizards that can run on water.

11/13/09  06:10pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Basiliskboy911   In reference to Message Id: 2095089


brutus can’t and never did lol

11/15/09  06:54pm

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