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is it okay to feed nightcrawlers to you lizard that you bought from a bait shop such as texaco? i am just worried my bassies will get parasites.

08/10/09  05:53pm


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  Message To: Basiliskboy911   In reference to Message Id: 2054434


nah they should be okay i get my earthworms from stores and stuff its okay to feed those :D theyll love em for sure hahaha


08/11/09  02:20pm


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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2054925


I get my nightcrawlers from Walmart or from a bait shop. My green basilisk LOVES them. I also feed them to some of my other kinds of lizards, and everyone is happy and healthy!


08/17/09  08:25pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Dericka   In reference to Message Id: 2059155


Earthworms are much higher in calcium and other minerals than superworms and red wigglers. They also do not have a hard, chitinous exoskeleton as do superwoms and mealworms.

08/22/09  09:14pm

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