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 Thinking about getting a basilisk!

Any info is apreciated. i keep reading that they need at least a 55gallon tank as an adult. this seems so small for a lizard that can get 3ft. long.

07/08/09  08:01pm


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 Thinking about getting a basilisk!

well these lizards are considered EXPERT level because well, they are! there are some carsheets on this site if you go to the caresheet area and look up basalisks. They need a keeper with ALOT of experience. I would provide the basalisk with a ccage of at least 5ft high by 4ft wide by 2 ft deep. They are aboreal so they need a;ot of height. They also need a good water dish/pool to swim in. These lizards also require UVB lighting the tube flourescent NOT the COMPACT *swirly* lights. It is important and benificial to there well being. These lizards are also usually wild caught and ridden with parisites, unhealthy, skinny, and most likley traumatized. They are VERY skittish and do not like human contact at all unless they are obtained at a very young age, or you can try tameing them but they usually wont like it. But good luck getting one :D


07/08/09  08:25pm


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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2036402

 Thinking about getting a basilisk!

I completely agree with rexxaroo dont get one unless you know entirely what your getting into I keep mine in a 3 foot by 4 foot by 1.5 foot which I think is minimum for a brown basilisk 4 by 5 by 2 for a green. These are not nice lizards I try to handle mine now when hes young so he isnt as vicious when hes big note that I said as, these lizards can not be fully tamed they have a fear of humans we cant really get rid of that. They require proper and expensive lighting heavily planted vivaria and high humidity. These ARE NOT EASY PETS!!! Also keep in mind the time you have to put into keeping them healthy as most are wild caught and harbor many many many parasites which leads to health problems. Luckily I got mine from a breeder so be prepared to shell out a lot on vet bills. And also be prepared to chase them around mine attempts to jump out the cage everytime I swing open the front door once he did and it sucked trying to catch him. Just some things to keep in mind! Id recommend a beardy over a basilisk anyday

07/08/09  10:08pm

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