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my basilisk has his legs really swollen looking and on the joints on his toe can you tell me what this is? And I will post pics tommorrow

04/17/09  11:01pm


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I had the same thing happen to my male a while back. He had fallen 5 feet down in his vivarium. He’s wild caught, and at the time had serious issues with calcium. It turns out his Ca 2+ levels were so low that the fall turned his tarsus (lower leg bone) into dust. The limb has been swollen since.

If the same is true for your boy (not talking MBD, just the break), then I would recommend doing what the vet had me do: lots of calcium and restricted movement. He should be getting his normal calcium supplement with some more added. I give mine five drops of calcium glubionate by mouth each day. He’s also got a fluorescent UVB light and a Powersun UVA/UVB bulb. As far as the restricted movement, he shouldn’t be able to climb up and down or run around too much. It’s not easy because they’re so flighty, so my vet gave me some pain medication (Tramadol) that also acts as a sedative.

In the 2 months since the break, his leg is just barely swollen after using the calcium and restricted movement treatment. Of course, I’d suggest seeing your nearest herp vet as well.

Good luck.

04/19/09  05:31pm

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