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 Brown Basilisk sleeping alot, a few Q’s

I just got her about a week ago, and she sleeps a lot I don’t know if this is normal for a basilisk or what? I’m new to this kind of species, she was in a tank full of water dragons which I’m thinking about going back and getting two tomorrow, since they get along well. She had one eye shut, she couldn’t open it so I had to tap a qtip with warm water and rub it against her eye intil she could open it again it looked crusty, it’s been fine for two days so far, when she does open her eyes shes moves around pretty fast and frantic at first then she calms down, I set up a 75gallon tank for her and plan to get another one hopefully a male green or brown would they get along fine? She was in a 29 gallon tank. I think shes in a bit of shock shes in a nicer and bigger tank full of plants a waterfall and uvb and a 100watt floodlight as her basking lamp for now.

03/26/09  01:25pm


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  Message To: Seven77   In reference to Message Id: 1975048

 Brown Basilisk sleeping alot, a few Q’s

Congrats on your new addition!

I would suggest only keeping like species together. If you really want a different kind, go with the green basilisk though another brown would be best. And it may be best to wait a while before adding more. Basilisks require a lot of work and care. Make sure you have time to give the first one all she needs.

One of mine did that with her eye once, but it was because she was shedding. If the problem persists, I’d suggest buying a spray such as Zilla Tropical Mist to aid with shedding. But if it’s non-shed related, see a herp vet as soon as possible.

And mine sleep a lot too.

03/26/09  09:11pm


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  Message To: AshleyShadows   In reference to Message Id: 1975302

 Brown Basilisk sleeping alot, a few Q’s

what kind of UVB light do you use? is it a coil uvb bulb? if so thats your problem and you need to turn it off imidiatly and replace within 24 hours.

03/30/09  04:23pm

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