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K. <3
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 Feeding Problems

I recently received a baby basilisk in the mail about a week ago. I’m not sure if he’s eating... AT ALL!! It still has some weight on it, but i don’t want to wait too long before doing something about it.

Ive tried large crickets (most likely too big, but waiting for babies), mealworms, and occasional veggies.

is there something else i should try?

The crickets crawl all over my baby and it bothers me to think that they are chewing on him so I am nervous about leaving them in there, but i dont know how to get it to eat.

02/24/09  09:10pm


Master Of Cold Blood
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 Feeding Problems

Hiya, congrats on getting a baby Basilisk. =)
I think he’s probably still stressed out from the long trip and being in a new and different environment.
Some won’t eat for a couple days.

As for the crickets being too big there’s a rule of thumb so to speak that says that you should offer them food that is no wider than the width between their eyes.
Once you get the smaller crickets he should be fine.
My basilisk doesn’t eat any greens I provide for him, if its not wiggling he doesn’t want it. xD

If you fear he’s lost some weight I know that wax worms are high in fat, should only be given as treats not staples. Maybe you could try some of those.

I’m sure that after he’s adjusted some to his new home he should come around and start eating.

02/25/09  08:49am

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