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i have a young male bassy and was wondering if it would be all right to put a water dragon in with it?if not what else could i keep with it

02/15/09  08:37am


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Well um its not recommended but you could if you really wanted to but make sure the tank has lots of hides and basking spots and water sources. It is not recommended though because the water dragon might have diseases it immune to and it may kill the basilisk or other way around. A thing it could be compatible with is a female basilisks but not male because they tend to have terrotorial issues.

02/16/09  05:06pm


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  Message To: Basiliskboy911   In reference to Message Id: 1953842


Mixing water dragons and basilisks can be complicated. I have a male water dragon and a female basilisk that have resided together all their lives very well (the water dragon is going to be 9 this spring...the basilisk 8). If the basilisk is a will have more issues. The greens tend to be much more territorial than the brown basils. And will take on a very large water dragon without thought. Sex will have to be determined as well before attempting. While juvenile they may live ok with each other but 2 males will have territory problems (AS stated above). Asian water dragons can be difficult to raise and I have seen many problems with them.

I have many cohabitation settings and what I have found in the 9 years that I have been doing it is that similar species will have a harder time adjusting. ie. water dragons/basilisks or 2 differing types of iggis.....etc., than completely different species. And there are always more risks involved.

Pat my website on cohab

02/21/09  05:42am

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