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 Basalisk eye problem...???


Has anyone ever had a problem with the eyes on their basalisks? I have a green one and one of his eyes is completely closed. It is all puffy and I don’t think he could open it if he wanted to. Not sure if he got a scratch on it or a stick in it or something or if is might be a fungual thing? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

01/10/09  04:48pm


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  Message To: Silvercreek20   In reference to Message Id: 1929705

 Basalisk eye problem...???

hi this is BASILISK123 . i know what hapen to your basilisk is have many differen way is could be you scear him or your uv lamp (uvb) is not right is shout be o.5 jungel uv . or is the basking bulb is too high you shoust cheking the water is well .i will ancer all your Q

02/27/09  07:00pm

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